Quantum Computing Vs Edge Computing | Drwaback Benefits Basic Concept

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing system is used in multidisciplinary fields and it is very helpful in comprising aspects of physics, computer science, and mathematics by utilizing quantum mechanics to solve very typical and complex problems. 

In which State Quantum Computing used 

In the healthcare industry, it gives ultimate power to do more advanced DNA research and develop genetically-targeted medical care and new drugs.

 It is used in stronger online security and gives perfect ways to use light signals to detect intruders in the system.

Such kind of Computing is used to design more efficient, traffic planning systems and safer aircraft.

Such Computing systems are used in Financial institutions to design more effective and efficient investment portfolios for institutional and retail clients. The main fundamental concept of this system is to focus on creating better trading simulators and improving fraud detection.

Comparison of Quantum Computer and Classical Computer

It is so fast compared to ordinary or classical computers.

Quantum computing has a more basic structure in comparison to classical computers.

Quantum computing does not need memory or a processor. They need a set of superconducting qubits.

Quantum computing uses qubits to run multidimensional quantum algorithms and its processing power increases exponentially as qubits are added. On the other hand, classical processors use bits to operate different programs, and power increases according to adding bits.


Comparison of Quantum Computer and Classical Computer

Quantum Computers have much better computing powers than classical computers.

Quantum computers are so expensive and very difficult to build in comparison to classical computers.

What are the 4 states of quantum computing?

A two-qubit system has 4 computational basis states denoted as

∣ 00 ⟩ \vert 00 \rangle ∣00⟩, 

∣ 01 ⟩ \vert 01 \rangle ∣01⟩, 

∣ 10 ⟩ \vert 10 \rangle ∣10⟩,

∣ 11 ⟩ \vert 11 \rangle ∣11⟩.

Benefits and Use of Quantum Computing in Real Life

Quantum Computing known as the study of technologies follows the concepts of quantum theory and the focus revolved around the field of computer science. Modelling and simulating drug interactions are of few examples of Quantum Computing from our real life.

Such kind of technology quantum computing is used in financial services firms such as JPMorgan Chase and Visa.

Microsoft offers companies access to quantum technology via the Azure Quantum platform.  

The technology used by IBM

IBM plans to have a 1,000-qubit quantum computer in place by 2023.

Edge Computing

Edge computing technology is used to process time-sensitive data, and is referred to as Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) or Multi-Access Edge Computing.

Edge Computing is a distributed framework that brings processing and storage resources for applications closer to where data is generated or consumed.

Which One Is Better, Cloud or Edge Computing

Edge computing enables real-time analytics, reduces latency, and provides feedback in a faster way. 

It also provides other benefits for Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as Smart Video Doorbells and other Smart Home devices.

Is Edge Computing and Cloud Computing Same

Edge computing the main function is it focuses on real-time data processing and communication between devices, in the other when we talk about cloud computing which main function focuses on storing and processing large amounts of unstructured data at one time.

Edge Computing allows for real-time interaction with users but cloud computing systems do not allow such kind of interaction.

Type of Different Edge Computing

In edge computing systems there are a few standard edge types included and here are a few names: sensor edge, device edge, router edge, branch edge, local area network edge, enterprise edge, data center edge, cloud edge, and mobile edge.

Need for Edge Computing in Human Life

Edge Computing systems improved response times and better bandwidth availability, so why such type of systems are used in Netflix?

Yes, the perfect example of Edge computing is Netflix, which improves the quality of video streaming services.

As the time of this age when people demand internet in huge amounts and in a fast way, so 5G connectivity is needed, 5G requires a perfect system that helps to boost demand and foster emerging application markets, and 5G uses Edge computing to drive demand for its services. 

Advantage and Disadvantage

The advantages of Edge computing are cost saving, data reduction, quick response time, and best application performance, this happens why because it doesn’t need to send data to a central location for processing, organizations can process it locally. 

The main disadvantage of this Edge computing system may not be as secure as the network.