Aitana Lopez Becomes the first AI influencer Earns £9000

You were surprised that Aitana’s fitness model is not real; it’s an AI generator created by the designer by using artificial intelligence and Photoshop through the Clueless agency. Let’s check out the journey of Aitana Lopez into the fashion industry.

Aitana Lopez was born on October 16, 1999, in Madrid, Spain, and now she is around 25 years old. Her childhood was also spent here in Spain. So why is she popular as the world’s sexiest Spanish AI model? Due to her captivating presence, magnetic allure, and innate sense of style, she strongly entered the world of fashion.

Spanish model Aitana Lopez is now trending on Google as the most popular Spanish model and AI influencer, earning Rs 9 lakh per month at the early age of 25. She was discovered and created by designer Rubén Cruz.

By profession, she is an AI model, created her photoshoot by using artificial intelligence (AI) and Photoshop, and shared it on her social media account Instagram, where she has more than 1.5 million fan followers. You can see her in pink hair, and this AI model earns €10,000 a month, and you can calculate it in Rs. 9 lakh.

Maia is not a single person who was discovered as an AI model through the Clueless agency, but Maia is also an AI model who was created by the same agency.

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Aitana Lopez Wiki: Bio, Age, and Physical Measurements

Aitana Lopez, one of the most popular fitness models, stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 53 kg. Her body measurements are 34–25–36 inches, with a waist size of 25 inches and a hip size of 36 inches. She wore a 34-size bra, and her cup size was 34C. Aitana’s hair color is pink, and the eye color is brown. Due to her iconic figure in the realm of fashion, she graces her social media account on Instagram with more than 1.4 million followers.


How did Aitana Lopez become a Spanish model? 

Aitana Lopez is the epitome of striking beauty, talent, and determination. Through hard work and relentless perseverance, she has become a renowned fashion designer and photographer, dreaming of Spain’s hottest runway. Gradually emerging as a well-sought model, Aitana Lopez would soon be appearing on the world stage.

Why is Aitana Lopez a special model in the industry?

Aitana Lopezi’s versatility and charm make her an identity one cannot ignore. Their It factor draws people’s attention, and no one can resist being amazed at the world of beauty and fashion they bring forth.

How does Aitana Lopez regard her modeling career and personal life? 

Aitana Lopez maintains a good work-life balance through self-care.