LG AI Robot Pet Monitoring Household Ready To Launches New Tech

In this Year 2024 LG is ready to give you a smart home assistant for your home safety as a household assistant and also look after your pet, which is made to look like a robot, with legs and and wheels that help it to move independently inside at home. The main factor of this robotic assistant is, that it can talk with you and also move around you through its legs. 

Now ready to bring this AI LG Robots with smart assistant functions which is powered by a central control point in your household. It connects to and controls all of your devices and appliances automatically like it could shut off the lights when they are not in use or monitor your pet’s health when you are far away from your pet. 

This AI Robot, which is built with a robust system specially developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. can help it detect faces and provide home security functions.

It monitors things like temperatures and air quality inside your home with the help of its sensors and cameras. You can also use these AI Robots for your home security and health. 

Through its intelligence, AI assistants will monitor your pet’s health and monitor the security of your home. 


This is very flexible when you are not at home it will allow you to move around, and examine whether your home windows are opened or light functions are off or on.

It is also very helpful to shut off your home appliances that aren’t used by doing this it could help you save energy.

it welcomes you after arriving at your home determines your mood, and may play music or perform other activities to help you feel better. It can also perform as a weather assistant providing you with the news on weather conditions and reminding you of your daily schedule.

It promises to monitor your home and pets.

With the help of smart home assistants, it is very helpful to make your life easier. As people know LG established itself as the top brand on the market for making smart home appliances that can help to make life easier and so smooth. 

LG is ready to serve its lovable clients through its expressive robot which interacts with you through its speech commands via speakers, it also recognizes images through an inbuilt camera. 

The Beginning of a New Era Through LG AI Robots Who Take Care of Your Home and Pet

It can monitor your pet’s daily meals taken by your pet or not, health as well as look after your pet and prevent them from any unwanted damage, and control the appliances in your home, whether the light and other TV devices shut down when not being used by doing this it saves your electric energy which is one of the factors of this AI robot. It comes with hands and legs through which it can be moved around your home and talk to you as a human would.

This smart robot AI-powered also can check your home’s temperature according to the human body as well as the quality of air that you consume daily in your life.