Xiaomi Launch First Electrtic Car SU7 With 679hp power, 800km range

Xiaomi’s top smartphone maker is now ready to reveal its first electric car, the SU7 (SU being short for Speed Ultra) this year 2024, which will spearhead an £ 8.9 billion push into electric cars.

Now Xiaomi beat and gave tough competition to Porsche’s Tayca which has about 246 miles of range, and the other hand Tesla’s range is 405 miles, it makes SU7 mode which is better than both Porsche’s Tayca and Tesla’s performance.

Speed Ultra SU7

Xiaomi SU7 design

German carmaker gives their five-year stint to make this car like the model BMW iX and Circular Vision Concept. It is made and designed with 4,997 mm in length, 1,963 mm in width, and 1,440 mm in height, which is higher than the Porsche Taycan, and has a wheelbase that’s 100mm longer than its German rival at 3,000mm.

Its range will counter between 415 and around 500 miles depending on the spec.

What is the Peak performance of SU7, it is set to 664 horsepower

The SU7 will eventually have three electric motor options, with names taken from internal combustion engines. 

Available first is the V6 option, rated at 295 horsepower, and the V6s, rated at 664 horsepower which is more sufficient to beat the rating of the Porsche Taycan with 616 horsepower and the rating of Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y with 455 horsepower rating.

The SU7’s battery emerged which is fully charged in just 15 minutes

The 101 kWh CATL cell allows for 800-volt charging, the next level in EV fast charging.

The SU7 will be available in three colors.

Xiaomi will offer the SU7 in Aqua Blue (pictured), Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green.

Speed Ultra

Xiaomi’s first electric car SU7 can go and hit 0-60 mph in under three seconds just 2.78 seconds.

The smartphone company has engineered the SU7 which is more compatible and easily operates with Xiaomi devices operating system.