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Tata Motors is stepping up its EV game and is keen to hold onto its advantage with multiple products. Just after opening the two electric vehicle-only showrooms in Gurugram last month, it has revealed its next product—the Punch EV.

It is slotted below the Nexon EV but gets many new features not seen on any electric vehicle in its segment. The Punch EV, for example, gets a ‘frunk’, or a luggage space at the front while also getting a different charging flap at the front.

Tata Punch EV Expected Range Details

The Punch EV is based on its first advanced pure EV architecture, active, which sports a modular architecture.

Design-wise, the Punch EV gets various styling touches taken from the bigger Nexon EV, like the full-width LED light bar, aero-efficiency wheels, and the styling of the bumper. Elsewhere, the rear styling is similar to the standard Punch as well.

Tata Punch iCNG With Sunroof Launched At Rs 7.10 Lakh.

Tata Punch EV Photos

first EV car of Tata

Tata Punch EV electric Car

To Book Know Details Here

Bookings have started at Rs 21,000. The Punch EV would be the first of the EV launches planned by Tata. EV aimed at expanding the volume segment below the Nexon EV.

Tata Tigor EV (Punch EV Standard)

Tata Nexon EV Medium Range (Punch EV Long Range)

Power and torque

75 PS/170 Nm

129 PS/215 Nm

Battery Pack

26 kWh

30 kWh

ARAI-claimed range

315 km

325 km


There are other new electric vehicles that will also be launched this year, like the Curvv and Harrier EV.


Q1. Is Tata Punch coming in electric?

Yes, the Tata Punch EV is an electric car, and it comes with an 80.46 bhp electric motor.

Q2. What is the range of Punch EVs in KM?

Approx. 315–421 km

Q3. What is the mileage of Tata Punch EV single charge?

315 to 421 Km per full charge

Q4. Is EV better than petrol?

Yes, EV cars are much better than petrol. The main reason is low carbon emissions, and the other is lower electricity costs and higher performance.

Q5. Which is the first EV car of Tata?

Tata Punch EV becomes India’s first EV revolution.