iPhone Apple 16 models Launch Date Now Confirms This New Year 2024

Apple iPhone 16 will introduce its latest version in this upcoming year 2024, which is packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features that will surprise you with its sleek design and stunning display, this smartphone is truly a game-changer.

The 2024 iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max

You buy the Apple 16 because of some extraordinary, amazing features added in this, The iPhone 16 models will feature faster chips, larger sizes for the “Pro” line, camera improvements, and possibly a new button.

iPhone 16 Pro

Camera Layout

iPhone 16 includes with camera layout expected to have a vertical camera layout that may be the same as used in the iPhone 12. As we saw in its previous models iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, featuring a diagonal layout.

On the other hand iPhone 16 Pro Max features with super telephoto periscope camera. What is a Super telephoto periscope camera, “Super” or “ultra” telephoto usually describes cameras with a focal length of over 300mm.  

Because of size changes it will be limited to the iPhone 16 Pro models 6.3 inches and on the other hand iPhone 16 Pro max 6.9 inches.

There must be no change in the size of the iPhone 16 it will remain the same as like iPhone 15 models.

This iPhone 16 includes advanced photography and videography features through its incredible camera capabilities. Get ready to grab this amazing iPhone with the latest feature through which you can capture all your favorite moments in stunning clarity and detail.

When we talk about its characteristic the iPhone 16 lightning-fast processor and ample storage capacity.

Besides this Phone 16, includes facial recognition and enhanced privacy settings. 

Comparison of iPhone 16 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro


The iPhone 16 Pro features a thickness of 8.25 mm, a height of 149.6 mm, and a width of 71.45 mm. On the other hand, when we see the set of iPhone 15 Pro it stands with thickness 8.25 mm, height 146.6 mm, and width 70.60 mm, ensuring a sleek and compact design. 


When we talk about the display of iPhone 16 Pro 6.3″, it is built with an expansive display (159.3 mm) that is much bigger than Its 6.1″ display (155.4 mm), delivering an immersive visual treat.


iPhone 16 Pro Weighs a modest 194 grams, not much less than the iPhone 15 Pro which weighs 187 grams but ensures an iPhone 16 Pro is a very lightweight yet robust device tailored for users seeking cutting-edge technology.

Features iPhone 16 Pro iPhone 15 Pro
Dimensions Thickness: 8.25 mm Thickness: 8.25 mm
Height: 149.6 mm Height: 146.6 mm
Width: 71.45 mm Width: 70.60 mm
Display 6.3″ (159.3 mm) 6.1″ (155.4 mm)
Expansive display for immersive visuals Bigger display for an immersive experience
Weight 194 grams 187 grams
Lightweight yet robust Moderately lighter but equally capable

iPhone 16 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Pro Max


iPhone 16 Pro Max elevates the experience with its larger build, featuring a comparable 8.25 mm thickness but standing taller at 163.0 mm and wider at 77.58 mm. On the other hand iPhone 15 Pro Max features with thickness of 8.25 mm, standing at a height of 159.9 mm and a width of 76.70 mm.


iPhone 16 Pro Max’s generous 6.9″ display (174.06 mm) offers a larger screen for various tasks despite its larger dimensions.

On the other hand iPhone 15 Pro Max stands with its display 6.7″ (169.98 mm) providing an immersive visual interface for users. 


iPhone 16 Pro Max maintains a manageable weight of 225 grams, catering to users’ more expansive display and practical functionality. Despite the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s slightly smaller build, it maintains a substantial screen size and weighs 221 grams, which makes it more reliable and portable.

Features iPhone 16 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Max
Dimensions Thickness: 8.25 mm Thickness: 8.25 mm
Height: 163.0 mm Height: 159.9 mm
Width: 77.58 mm Width: 76.70 mm
Display 6.9″ (174.06 mm) 6.7″ (169.98 mm)
Larger screen for various tasks Immersive visual interface for users
Weight 225 grams 221 grams
Manageable weight for its larger display Reliable and slightly more portable weight

Here’s the comparison between the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max

Features iPhone 16 Pro iPhone 16 Pro Max
Dimension Thickness: 8.25 mm Thickness: 8.25 mm
Height: 149.6 mm Height: 163.0 mm
Width: 71.45 mm Width: 77.58 mm
Display 6.3″ Display (159.3 mm) 6.9″ Display (174.06 mm)
Weight 194 grams 225 grams


iPhone 16 Launch Date

iPhone 16 Pro Pink Varient

May be The iPhone 16 models expected to come out in September 2024.